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What is an astrological counseling?

Astrological charts are celestial databases that display the quality of time at the time of one’s birth. According to this aspect of time, the elements that will shape a person’s life are disclosed. Humanity has come to these days by managing its social and vital activities according to what the heavens have pointed out since as long as it knows itself. The astrological consultations given today allow predictions and interpretations of one’s life to be made by using the unique formulas that this ancient science has presented to us over the centuries. Although it has been studied and developed under different fields such as Classical Astrology, Modern – Western Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Karma Astrology, Uranian Astrology, the eventual goal of all these schools is to support the process of better and deeper understanding of human beings.

What is the difference between Karmic Astrology and other astrology branches?

Before giving information about karma astrology, it would be useful to talk a little bit about karma.

Karma, as everyone knows by now, is the mechanism of action and reaction developed against it. In other words, it is the soul’s effort to bring its assets into balance on the human world level. Being incarnated is not just about “reincarnating”. Incarnation: when it is examined more deeply, means to wake up, to be enlightened, to see, to notice, to solve, to crystallize. Souls constantly incarnate to experience and enlighten.

There are different types of karma that we encounter in this process of reincarnation.

The rewards that a person encounters in this life in return for all the behaviors and lessons they have taught correctly in their past lives are the karma of entitlement. People with this kind of karmic structure come to this life with many talents so that their lives can flow more easily.

The businesses we have done in the past and the methods of making money can also show themselves in this life. For example, a person who has been involved in trade in their previous lives will not have difficulty in this regard in their current lives. We can see that a woman who had been a priest in a previous life, might have a conservative nature in this life. Of course, on the contrary, our tasks or areas of work that we had “failed” or abused in past lives will reappear in this life waiting for us to fully learn and be completed.

The physical pains or experiences we have had in past lives generally manifest as health karma in this lifetime. If the individual did not protect themselves and their bodies during the incarnation process or did not take enough care, they may experience health problems in this life, become a disease patient or try to balance this by doing nursing/doctor work as far as the chart allows.

The way we died in the previous life is also influencing this life. A person who has been stabbed to death in their liver may have to struggle with the problem of fatty liver in this life. If the organ we lost in the previous life, is our hand, we can deal with problems such as numbness in our hands in this life.

Another type of karma observed in many charts is communication karma. Issues such as failure to keep promises made in the past life, immorality in trade, theft, and lying show that the person will face similar situations in this life. Similarly, if the person is found to be unfaithful by deceiving their spouses or those around them, the moral karma will come into play.

Some karmas, on the other hand, have become inextricable because they are constantly repeating themselves. This type of charts is called samsaric charts.

Family karma is another very effective and common type of karma. Most people are subject to rewards or punishments in this lifetime because of their karmic reckoning as well as the behavior of their ancestry, i.e., their parents and their families.

Another type of karma that influences our lives without us being too aware of it is collective karma. Although it is not well known, we actually incarnate as hordes and in this lifetime, we are connected with the other souls we incarnate with on a common subconscious level. This karma manifests itself mostly through social events and events that affect the crowd.

BASED ON THIS INFORMATION, unlike other schools in karma astrology, the emotions, impulses or behavior patterns we bring from past lives is an important matter; It is determined how our health problems in the past life or the effects of the family we belonged to may affect this life. By going down to the main source of the person’s problems in this life, the owner of the natal chart is presented with in-depth information about themself that they may not be aware of at all. Studies and suggestions are made specifically for the chart owner to improve their quality of life. Past, present and future are melted in a pot and presented within the scope of consultancy.

Which consulting services are offered apart from Karmic analysis?

Studies on important dates (detection of important dates such as surgery date, company establishment, marriage).

Foresight studies

Synastry and harmony studies in relationships

Person’s-city/country harmony with Astrocartography techniques,

Financial consultancy to companies

Health maps etc. services are also included in our consultancy topics.

*Horary – single question counseling is not provided.

Which information is required for Astrological Counseling?

In order to receive astrological counseling, date of birth, place of birth, hour and minute of birth are required.

I do not know my time/minute of birth. How can I get Consulting?

In cases where the time of birth is unknown, personalised rectification work is carried out.

For the rectification work, the client should share important dates such as birth, death, marriage, surgery, traffic accident/accidents, divorce, abortion, change of place, career change, etc. together with a short paragraph in which they talk about themselves. The rectification process is included in the chart reading fee.

I do not know my birthday. Can I Get Counseling?

In cases where the birthday is not known, special rectification studies are carried out and the wage policy is different. For more detailed information, you can contact us.