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  • For an appointment, please indicate which days of the week and times of the day you are available. After your application, you will be contacted to determine the most mutually convenient date.

  • If you are not sure of the hour or minute of your birth, please fill in the rectification form below in as much detail as possible. For more information about rectification, please click here.

  • If applicable, please indicate the date of birth of siblings, children or grandchildren.

  • If applicable, indicate the dates of loss of spouse, parents, grandparents, children or siblings.

  • Indicate the date of marriage and divorce, if applicable. If you are not married and have been in a relationship for more than 12 months, please indicate the date you met.

  • Please indicate the dates of any serious illnesses, surgeries, accidents and chronic diseases, if any.

  • If applicable, please indicate your important dates of entry and exit, including your current career. You can provide a summary of your career and share any awards you have received. .

  • Please indicate important dates, if any. Please indicate if your family has emigrated.

  • Please indicate if you have a specific hour or minute interval. If not, try to give specific details such as morning, noon, evening, night. Generalizations such as prayer times, dawn, early morning are also useful.