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Welcome to the website where you can find articles, videos, quotes about astrology, mythology, occultism, esoterism, symbolism and much more!

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What is Karma Astrology?

Before describing Karma Astrology, we should better understand the concept of “karma”. Mainly based on the motto “what goes around comes around”, karma means that the soul experiences the consequences of its own choices in this life and previous lives; now or in the future.

A person’s current karma consists of the results of the experiences of their own souls, as well as the karma remains of their ancestors or the societies they lived in. In other words, each individual is born as a synthesis of all these experiences and tries to get rid of bad karmic residues for the progress of the soul in the sub-paradigm.

In this way, karma astrology believes in the reincarnation of the soul and helps the person to better understand what happened to them and plan their future steps correctly by getting to the roots of the situation or behaviour in our current life.

Astrology, which is a multidisciplinary science, enables the individual to take the right actions in this life by examining their past. It helps people and societies bend time and space by predicting the dangers that may occur in the future. The person who understands the reason for the points that do not progress in their life, gets the chance to plan their future on a brighter platform with the help of karma astrology.

Contrary to traditional astrology, in karma astrology, the interpretations made according to the sun or rising sign of the person are imperfect and not complete. One’s natal chart is a whole, and planets, asteroids, and stars in each degree have a different cause, meaning and lesson.

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So why did I choose the field of Karma Astrology?

Of course, to be able to examine the mathematics and symbolism of the universe in the deepest way!!!

Instead of finding temporary solutions to the issues or people we come across in our lives, I was more excited to be able to get down to the main cause of the issues thanks to karmic and spiritual astrology. The fact that our genetic and karmic ties indirectly affect us in this life has begun to be understood for individuals who have begun to question, even if only a little bit. If you are still reading this article, you are one of those people. Whether through counselling or education, everyone should learn astrology at least at a basic level, it would be a rational approach to bring the light of this knowledge into their lives.