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“Under Mercury, for instance, a man will be born retentive and wise

because Mercury is the Sun’s scribe.”

Otto Neugebauer, 1943

Hellenistic astronomers used to call Mercury “the scintillating” (the witty one, amusingly brilliant) as Hermes (Mercury) was the energitic messenger of the gods and was responsible of intelligence and communication.
Mercury is our mind, intellect; the way we think, analyse, classify and even eliminate the thoughts or occasions. Mercury is our power to express ourselves clearly unless it is under pressue in a natal chart. Being closest to the Sun, Mercury has strong ability to effect our daily lives and also is the planet that we can have a chance to improve the bad effects of.
“The first transit of Mercury recorded in history was predicted by Kepler and witnessed by Gassendi, at Paris, on the morning of a cloudy day, the 7th of November, 1631. It was toward nine o’clock when he saw the planet; but owing to its extreme smallness, he was at first inclined to think it was a minute solar spot. It was then going off the sun; and made its final egress toward half-past ten. The observed time of the transit was nearly five hours in advance of the computed time. This was a very satisfactory accordance for that age between theory and observation ; but it was the effect of a fortuitous combination of circumstances, rather than of computations founded upon well-established data.”


We have now so much findings about the effects of Mercury on our charts and during transits. It is not a surprise that Mercury is the most popular planet within our daily society because we all have to use our communaciton skills and tools in high levels!
Mercury rules both 3rd and 6th houses which prove the duality of this sign. Mercury loves to talk, educate, live free in the 3rd house whereas it gives attention to details, take care of health and live more responsible in the 6th house. A Mercurian person both likes and hates to be ruled by other people or groups. In a natal chart if Mercury is placed ahead of the sun than the mental power is passionate whereas if it is beyong the Sun we realise a more planned mental activity. This is why Mercurian people who has strong planet effects in their charts are both difficult to cope with and also are the people we would like to talk most!
Apart from communication, Mercury and the houses Mercury rules tell us many details about the persona’s younger brothers or sisters, brain diseases, human mind, trade, asexualism, publishing, world wide web, mental health, satellites, the symbolizm under all mutable zodiac signs, agreements, education, etc.
If a Mercurian soul tries to duplicate the advantages of being expressive, persuasive, frindly, bright, funny, perceptive and avoid being unfair, gossipper, two faced, critical and impatient than man can achieve the advantage of knowing astrology and self. They need a bit of a slower thinking to be able to contact to other people more properly.
If there is a Retro or S Mercury in your natal chart than things get bit more struggling for you. The ability to express yourself gets lost where your brain start thinking faster. Such people can not explain themselves fluently because the words of talking language can not catch the speed of their thoughts. People using phrases like “erm..”, “well..” too much are most likely to have a Retro Mercury.
Retro Mercury, unlike other planet’s retro movements, does not occur from a karmic breakdown. Instead it shows us that there is a fact that needs to be understood, that the knowledge has been stucked during your karmic growth. It tells us that the persona should unreveal those topics under the house Mercury retrogrades in a Natal chart and move on with the intellectual growth in that area. The best things for a Retro Mercurian to do will be to stay away from gossiping, taking notes of daily plans, choosing written language instead of verbal tools. Yet there can be great authours with S or Retro Mercury if they have good vibrations from Neptune. The deeper the knowledge will be better for an injurred Mercury.
Mercury loves to be around Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius whereas it does not like Pisces, Saggitarius and Leo. Communicator in Gemini, hypercritical in Virgo, smart in Aquarious, dreamy in Pisces, cute and bit all over the place in Saggitarious and egoist in Leo. Launches many ideas in Aries but like a flash in the pan. Emotinal and needy in Cancer, cold and realist in Capricorn and dangereous in Scorpio where our next discussion step will be about.
On 28th of October 2019 there will be a Mercury retrograde in Scorpio that is different than what we are used to. Because in the following days, on November 11st Mercury will be right in the middle of the Sun and the Earth which karma astrologers call a “Mercury Eclipse”.
Mercury eclipses can be considered 6 times stronger than retrogrades. The fact that this sky movement is happening in Scorpio, all sky lovers are waiting to see the fate do its work to gain more proof! We know that Mercury is Thoth, Hermes, the runner of the Gods. So what happens when Mercury observes all the Sun’s energy, sort of holds it within?
A wide variety of emotions pop up from ego bursts to self critics…
There is a huge power in this eclipse for those who are ready to go ahead with their lives. Been a while that our souls are under the overwhelming effects of the Satürn, SN and Pluto spinning together atop. One of the phrases in our lives are coming into an end since 2016 May when the last Mercury eclipse took place. The scorpio – scorpio passions and urges will be on top within November 2019. Would be a nice time to give a try to contact our innerselves and try to warm down a bit. As otherwise the storm can take all away! Scorpio rules the 8th house that we can find maji. This Scorpio eclipse will put magic onto the words and underline the knowing; “words are magic”. Will be beneficial to carefully focus into what we want and put into words during this stage. For those who had failed to be a nicer person or did not try enough will face Zuben el Shamali right next to the eclipse, whispering those to try better than this to achieve the presents…
Sure, luck will be with those who are being nice…
Laden – 27.10.19

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